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...a ebook which hath been culled within the flowers of all books... [And here is its fuller excerpt —tεᖇᖇ¡·g]  Don Amador, a gaunt, grey-haired soldier, in the handsome uniform, sits within a marble pink-cushioned chair, with a substantial book spread out on his knees, from which He's looking through aloud, though his voice is 50 percent-drowned from the speak that is going on around him.... He shuts the guide, and allows it fall which has a bang on the ground.... To what excellent end could it be that I, who analyzed at Salamanca, and may publish verses agreeable for the Glorious Woman, with the point of the sword which hath finished more challenging assistance, am looking through aloud within a clerkly method from the guide which hath been culled with the flowers of all publications, to instruct you within the know-how befitting people who could be knights and worthy hidalgos?

This cooler is supplied with a strap so that it can be effortlessly carried within the shoulders however there have already been some problems pertaining to the sturdiness in the strap In the end.

This little e book is not place forth to produce an crucial demand from customers, but alternatively With all the hope of making just one. So far as is known to the writer, no this sort of compilation is in existence, even so the custom of employing correct quotations on supper menus, playing cards, Invites, and so on.

Nay, I declare, that I've many moments quoted sentences from my very own writings, in support of my very own arguments in dialogue; thinking that I was supporting them by some greater authority. ~Laurence Sterne

One would think that a scissors and pastepot selection like this would have to have tiny support. Not correct. A tribe of hunters and gatherers is needed: There exists so much being witnessed for thus very little chosen. ~Robert Irvine Fitzhenry (1918–2008), The Harper Reserve of Quotations

An article gemmed off with bits in this manner is "like a frosty evening studded with stars"—or it reminds one of Indian hangings,—a darkish ground, noticed with bits of yellow foil, flung on without having get, measure or item, except to dazzle and spangle. For my own component, I detest this trade of work, and in no way quotation, apart from to indicate the deformity as a warning to Other individuals, given that the Spartans taught their children sobriety by producing their slaves drunk. ~"On Magazine Writers," The London Magazine, July 1822, No XXXI, Vol VI

Every single garden accessories so frequently, a quotation sweeps with the environment like an epidemic. Hemingway should have cursed the day when he unearthed "for whom the bell tolls," which began as a reflection on mortality and ended being a facetious crack about the phone.

Aphorisms are basically an aristocratic genre of crafting. The aphorist doesn't argue or reveal, he asserts; and implicit in his assertion is usually a conviction that he's wiser or maybe more smart than his readers.

A great aphorism is simply too challenging for the tooth of time, and isn't worn absent by every one of the generations, even though it serves as food stuff For each and every epoch. For this reason it truly is the greatest paradox in literature, the imperishable during the midst of change, the nourishment which often continues to be very valued, as salt does, and never becomes Silly like salt.

In a very entire world which is perfectly on its approach to becoming 1 extensive quarry, the collector results in being an individual engaged inside a pious function of salvage. The system of modern background acquiring presently sapped the traditions and shattered the dwelling wholes in which precious objects at the time uncovered their put, the collector might now in good conscience go about excavating the choicer, far more emblematic fragments. ~Susan Sontag, On Images, 1973

It in some cases occurs at the conclusion of a dinner, when jokes and walnuts are cracked alongside one another, that the paternity of some trite quotation is place in dilemma, and at after the wit of The complete firm is ready wool-gathering. ~Frederic Swartwout Cozzens, "Phrases and Filberts," Sayings, Smart and In any other case

He that collects Individuals beneath good heads is very laudably employed, for even though he exerts no terrific skills while in the operate, he facilitates the progress of others, and by making that easy of attainment that's already penned, may perhaps give some mind, additional vigorous or even more adventurous than his possess, leisure for new thoughts and first models. ~Samuel Johnson, The Idler, December 1, 1759

Amassing and investigating quotations is the ideal interest.... There's no ought to dedicate a place in your home for any model railroad layout. No need to help keep a important collection of stamps or cash in a very bank vault.

A true quotation cannot be divorced through the character who uttered or scribbled it; it should say as much about the person quoted as about the particular issue referred to, and For that reason an anthology of quotations must be a form of portrait gallery. ~Robert Andrews, The Columbia Dictionary of Quotations, "Introduction"

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